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with the every day, far harcher and for them more pressing realities. dana per perino and grey greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. and this is the five. >> kimberly: it's been more than seven months since the 9/11 terror attack in benghazi. now asking for help those tracking down those responsible murdering four americans. the agency released pictures of three men caught on camera at the scene. the action comes amid accusations that the obama administration has been intimidating witnesses from telling congress the truth about what happened. jay carney dodged those claims yesterday and the president said he didn't even know about it. there has been kind of a
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dismissive attitude from the left when it comes to getting answers about the attack. >> benghazi happened a long time ago. these agencies are part of unfortunate pattern of spreading misinformation and politicizing this issue. >> on benghazi, look, there is enormous amount of misinformation out there. we have to demittology guise this issue and certainly depoliticize it. >> it is irresponsible and unamerican, quite frankly for my republican colleagues in congress to be jumping on this immediately as some political opportunity the fact is we have four dead americans was it because of protest or guys out for a walk one night or decided they wanted to kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> kimberly: 2016. bowling, cancery's comments, clinton's comments. montage wasn't good for the administration. >> eric: start with the first thing you said rolling pictures. the fbi decided today is the day we found those
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pictures seven and a half months later. does it have anything to do with valerie toensing. the lawyer representing the people who want to whistle below who are told if you do you might lose your jobs or whatever is going to happen. all of a sudden fox is bringing to the forefront for saying hey, you need to stay on this. all of a sudden now the fbi is getting involved. you know what's disgusting? debbie wasserman schultz saying the right is politicizing this. there are four dead americans and jay carney, it is a long time but there is a good thing there is no statute of limb -- limitations on murder. if anybody was politicizing debbie wasserman schultz politicizing what hillary clinton said couple months ago when she was testifying what difference does it matter like only the right cares about poor dead americans in benghazi. >> kimberly: i'm not going to ask you to monday morning quarterbacking. press secretary this for me. do you think it's curious. >> i think they handled this badly from the beginning and they are
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reaping what they sowed. the releasing of the photos is curious. doesn't make sense. release photos like that release explanation why all the sudden on this day did you decide to release. they. >> kimberly: by do you think? >> dana: can i only imagine because of pressure. only explanation that you logically come to without them giving you some other tip. like maybe magically something has appeared and all of a sudden they have information that they provided with these photographs that would be an amazing coincidence and one that would be hard to explain. i do find it hard take seriously when she calls. anybody looking into this unamerican when the democrats were in charge of the bush administration and the u.s. attorney scandal for subpoena the white house chief of staff. and they went crazy for political appointees al qaeda targeted our
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civilians overseas. somebody needs to answer for it. they have got to do better than what they are doing now. >> kimberly: dismissive attitude is the problem here. benghazi happened a long time ago. americans don't want to hear that. >> greg: well, we need to use the kind of language that president obama understands. and it's gulf. the white house and the media are just asking for a mulligan. that's all it is. benghazi was a bad slice in the rough. and damn fnc and cheryl ache kin son for keeping score on the golf course. as for john kerry he has more faces than a paver dice. he talked about this idea, the story is clouded by myths. the big e. myth of all was pushing the video which was pushed by the government which was based on the instinct that it's the united states. i am still surprised that they haven't arrested tim danson for the boston bombings since he played sam malone in cheers. kerry is telling to you
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stop asking questions. he was the guy that was all about speaking truth to power. wasn't he an antiwar activist and now because is he in power, never mind. then you have got debbie wasserman schultz who says seeking answers is unamerican. so she is right. we are in a modern -- in this modern american era. we know longer vow. we bow. as a new humble america we accept our humiliations. our power should make us cower, we deserve it. >> kimberly: go to the man clean up for the left bob beckel. bob bon first of all, wasn't being dismissive on that comment. these people were killed. does it matter this, this, this and this four dead americans. i think she was being quite emotional at that point. kerry did not do himself any favors nor did jay carney. the idea saying anything was long time ago when in fact that t. wasn't that long ago and if i were wasserman schultz i would be careful about throwing the word unamerican around.
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i do agree with this. i don't think for a second there has been a conspiracy in the administration. i think there has been a lot of misplace. i don't think there is conspiracy. i don't think it's conspiracy with the fbi. it's too hard to have a conspiracy in washington. >> two days ago president obama wept up there and did his little press conference and when ed henry asked the right question president obama what about these whistleblowers? what about benghazi? he is like well, i'm not aware. and then it followed up with you about, but. obama said i'm not aware. >> kimberly: this is a fox news prop alert. >> eric: president obama has golfed. went to the white house correspondents dinner. >> kimberly: so did we character. >> eric: nothing on his schedule. he didn't go to children that sunday. he called jason collins, he flew mexico. he had all the time to do that kimberly but not brush up on four dead americans. >> bob: what's your point on that. >> plenty of time. no reason ed henry got the answer i'm unaware of that i don't know what you are talking about, ed.
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>> dana: i think they are too quick to dismiss criticism or anybody that might say, look, could we get some answers here on the merits? i am going to propose a new office in the white house for both republican and democrat administrations. the office of the government skeptics. and that you would go in and you would run by your answers before the press conference to the government skeptic and say do you think this passes the smell test and have the government skeptic poke holes in the argument so that they could be more prepared the next time they come to the podium. greg. >> eric: isn't that the press secretary's job though. >> bob: clearly on this issue, nobody has even presented this case before they go out and start shooting their mouths off. seems like when you are in trouble like this and in the hole is is the time to get it together and say look, let's figure where we are and see if we can get out of this thing or at a minimum let's all say the same thing. >> greg: they don't have to. the white house doesn't have to come up with a story because the media would not know a good story
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if they woke up next to it after they were drunk last night. for them, benghazi is like an ugly wall flower at the prom. they just want to dance with obama all night. >> dana: the news today that the review board is now being looked at by the state department inspector general because they are suggesting that the review board did not seek out key witnesses to speak to. that's the inspector general report, james rosen had that on -- >> kimberly: investigation has gone very cold. it's sad that 232 days after benghazi they released the photos yesterday. hey, maybe we could use your help. that doesn't seem like they are very earnest. >> bob: think the fbi would be under pressure not to do this investigation thoroughly? i don't buy that for a second. >> kimberly: my point is why did they sit on photos that they had they at least admitted they were in the works for weeks to release the photos. >> eric: didn't show up to the benghazi consulate for a month after the attacks. >> bob: part of that they were not allowed in.
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>> eric: picking up evidence. come on. >> bob: you remember that the libyan government as it were at that point did not want the fbi in at that point. >> dana: aside from the merits of it though, bob. >> eric: who cares? >> dana: what other explanation is there for the timing of the release? >> bob: i think at that point, at the at the point when those pictures were released by us, right? >> dana: yes, last night. >> bob: that's when the fbi's deputy director went to the director and said we -- does anybody know anything about this? nobody lives benghazi the way you do. >> eric: throw the pictures up one more second. those are from security cameras. within a couple weeks of that attack there was rumors that there were security cameras rolling. there is absolutely footage. all of a sudden that went away. now when adam housley has a guy in silhouette saying there is knowledge of where this guy is, the mastermind, now all of a sudden hey, let's take a look at these guys. bob that's not new news though. he was seen in a restaurant publicly. >> dana: these photographs were released only last
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night. i'm saying is there any other explanation? >> bob: i think it was probably the fbi trying to cover themselves. >> dana: greg? >> greg: i go back to the fact that this is based on fundamental instinct of this administration to assume that somehow the united states is always at fault. that that is why they blame the video. and it was obama who i believe who had the idea that was the video. nobody else. that's why nobody is coming forward it is his fault. he blamed the video because he, in his heart, felt that it wasn't -- it wasn't the riots that were the cause of this. it was us. >> eric: it didn't fit the rhetoric. hold on, bob. remember what the script was? no, al qaeda is disseminated. we are fundamentally changing america. that didn't fit the script. an attack, a terrorist attack on our consulate didn't work for them. so they did come up -- >> bob: by the way, is the guy still in jail who got picked up? >> greg: yeah, i think he is still in jail in l.a. >> dana: video maker? >> greg: arrest sam malone
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from cheers. cheers was on for years that must have had something to do with the boston bombing. >> kimberly: arbitrary. this administration replete with i'm sorry, we're sorry on bended knee. hallmark cards. new details about the three new suspects arrested in the boston terror case. eric has that. plus, one of the senate's most prominent republicans agrees with bob on changing our immigration policy after the attack. it's all coming up straight ahead. did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age? [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients.
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>> eric: some fascinating new developments from the boston terror attack. we are getting glimpse into the perm lives of the suspects. take a look at the new picks of dzhokhar standing around what looks to be a camp fire. gee, i wonder what they were discussing. this blew my mind in an image pulled from the twitter feed a vanity license plate with terrorista number one on it. wonder who financed that beamer taxpayers or terrorists? kimberly, nice car. terrorista number one on it. >> kimberly: maybe if they took out a billboard we would have caught on better than a vanity plate. bigger, better. this disturbing. the more we learn about this the more i feel that there were opportunities and threads here that should have been caught, that should have been followed up on so that this could have been prevented. that's the most troubling aspect because the littley did. the other people that have
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lost limbs, if we had done a better job of following through on information that was given to us. i mean -- >> eric: greg, what about it? >> greg: that, whatever, license plate thing, it was a gag gift. i can't believe -- unless a terrorist is so genius that he gets a license plate that says terrorista thinking it's a gag gift. i'm more ticked off over this the fact that this a hole texted lol after he killed all those people who his friend is disgusting. the other thing that bugs me is why are the colleges locking up these student's records? and i figured out it's for future reference. students that side with terrorists will make excellent professors. >> bob: some fairness to the school on this. student records are always prohibited. but, we were just talking about this. these two guys in the dorm, who were either the dumbest students or they were
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involved in this in a much bigger way. can you imagine after you know the police are chasing after these guys, seen their pictures and you take a phone call and you go into their dorm room and take the computer and other stuff and go get rid of it. >> eric: i once called a guy down the hall and said you can do me a favor? just lock my door for me? he said no, i don't think i will be doing that. >> kimberly: what was in there? >> eric: my point, kimberly, it's hard to get another friend to do something for you in a dorm room but these guys. >> dana: on the records point and not releasing them, i think we should all be able to agree 99.9% of agreement if you terrorize americans, your right to have your records private goes away. immediately. dissolves on contact. >> kimberly: how does it not? >> eric: how about this? let's prosecute you for more crimes than just this five year sentence for the two -- and the 8 year sentence. >> kimberly: that's light weight. get more for drugs. deign date of birth loser friends that help gets rid
2:19 pm
of the evidence. he had overstayed his student visa. how was he allowed in the dorm? >> bob: that's a very good question. >> eric: we have been spot on with our analysis of the boston attack. when buddy bob here said student visa needs to be look at. >> maybe it's part of overall immigration reform we should look at the process of who is allowed into this country under what circumstances, what is their situation and background, particularly from countries that have histories such as dagestan and chechnya and others where there has been significant influence of radical islamic extremism. >> eric: bob, it took about a week but they are jumping on your bandwagon. >> bob: it makes sense. first of all, those five year terms are only for the immigration issue. they have not yet been charged on -- as
2:20 pm
accessories to terror. which i think they will be. how you could not be by taking evidence and then get rid of it seems to me to be a no-brainer. these guys are on charges of immigration because they flunked out of school in one case and he kept the student visa. now, look, if you are going to flunk out of school and you are on a student visa, you ought to get out. >> dana: bye bye. >> bob: so many thousands of cases like this. from muslim countries that the reason i said we ought to take a two year hiatus and take a look. >> eric: at one point you said she's colleges should be somewhat responsible. about how about in this case? >> dana: i do wonder if dartmouth should be liable? are you responsible as a university for the students that you have on your campus? and i'm sure that they would not want that kind of liability. but i think perhaps the law should be changed in order to add some on to it so that they have a stake into finding out that there are bombs being made in the dorm? >> eric: any chance they
2:21 pm
could do that dim kim listen, i think should be explored for sure. if we don't learn something from this then shame on us. unique opportunity to do something creative with-to-represent keep americans safe. why do we want to reward failure encourage the administration. get an education and drop out it's fine. we have enough of our own we don't need them from another country. >> bob: by law they need to turn over the names of students who have not showed up at the school or dropped out or or here on student visas. that's why the fbi is exploring. some of these schools do it. some of them don't do it. some get to it six months down the road it seems to me that somebody who drops out of school. >> kimberly: how about guidelines of what you are suggesting. >> bob: i think there are guidelines. dana is exactly right on this. the colleges don't seem to be taking it seriously. day deign they only will take it seriously if there is a financial policy. >> bob: that's right. >> eric: some sort of reporting that you have 25% of the students who are supposedly enrolled and
2:22 pm
your college have now jumped their visas. keep a track record of it. any thoughts on this? >> greg: can you put up all of the faces of these young guys? they are the ugliest boy band in history. also, i want to make a point. can we ban the phrase self-radicalization? when you see a roach do you think it roach find? no, you step on it. it doesn't matter. >> eric: not ban it until after the show i want to do one more and i mention self-radicalization. >> greg: i will say it -- travel in time and say it backwards. >> dana: where is hollywood? came. >> kimberly: clever. >> dana: why aren't they out there? these guys were cool. an apologetic poem. these guys were wanting -- they wanted wealth and fame. the peer pressure maybe from hollywood is something that could be utilized to help stop the -- whatever we call it now
2:23 pm
roachification. >> kimberly: roach motel check in don't check out. i love it, great product. >> eric: other thing there was a poll taken. let's not even bother showing the poll. overwhelmingly americans want to see a death penalty. kimberly, they want to see the death penalty. can you imagine what would happen if somehow they plead this thing down to not include the death penalty? what would happen? >> >> kimberly: i think that's very likely. >> eric: why? >> kimberly: because ever the signals. oh give us information. give us something that we can justify, right? so now you have got the threw crew that all of a sudden have compromised. accomplices. tidbits guys like this to try to make a case for himself. >> greg: i would like to see him fry. i would also like to see him sit in a chilled room staring at the limbs of people he blew off. every time he is about to fall asleep a laughing robot that pokes him awake for the rest of his life.
2:24 pm
>> eric: this following is he get. >> greg: there will be kids who will want to get in his dorm room that's how idiotic our pop culture is we think it's cool to be nilistic and deadly. >> bob: on the. >> eric: on the way to school this morning my 14-year-old son on the way to school. what happens? how does this happen? his twitter feed looked like my son's tumbler feed. looks like a normal kid. i said eric, what happens? he looked at me he probably was reading really radical stuff on the internet. i'm thinking can you turn someone by what you are listening toened a watching on the internet? >> dana: maybe not -- i don't know. we need dr. charles krauthammer to help us psycho analyze that. >> bob: you know, one of the things to keep in mind about the death penalty. this isn't massachusetts. the jury poll pulled from massachusetts. >> looking live at president obama and mexico's president as they hold a news conference today in mexico city.
2:25 pm
the president arrived there today. the leaders are talking trade, immigration and the drug war and more during the visit. you can go to to watch the entire presser protesters turning may day into a day of hate and violence on the west coast. injuring police and breaking everything in their path. we will show you that when we come back. ♪ ♪ was the son of a preacher man ♪ the only one who could ever teach me ♪ was the son of a preacher man ♪ he was ♪ he was come here, boy.
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[chanting. [occupy wall street] >> greg: spirit of may day hit the downtown of seattle where marches and rallies are as common as bum spit. grievances capitalism at the top. most like antarctic mobs they glom on to something stuff like amnesty to country they find so. they want free market system to buckle under making way for a new world disorder. as if on cue the mobs smashed windows of local businesses, cars and the courthouse. yep, the cowardly romance of violence is a marker of such events. the inevitable spasm of i had gross that pleases both the media and protester alike. this were tea partiers of course michael moore would shout bloody murderer from roof tops if you could find a freight elevator to take
2:31 pm
him there. these protesters should celebrate may day marks of communism. people wear red it symbolizes blood when factors the body count from all the heaviest hitter of communism. ethiopia, romania, the list goes on we have seen over 100 million people plus murdered in the name of quality. you can't get more eequal when all of you are dead. congratulations may day protesters you truly are number one at something. you should get one of those oversized we're number one foam fingers shoved right up your asses. >> he meant ashes. >> greg: i wore i would never make a joke a about his weight. when he linked the boston bombing to tea partiers. i broke that promise. >> bob: among other things.
2:32 pm
>> greg: mainstream media will say this is a peaceful protest marred by some anarchists. it happens in every protest. they never will actually say it's the same people when there is a left wing march, there is left wing violence. >> dana: look at the difference of the coverage when it was the tea party. somebody raised their voice oh these angry characters. and they are so convinced that's going to happen at a tea party that paranoid people they're right every once in a while. >> greg: that's true. >> dana: you could have written a script for this. >> greg: so predictable, bob. >> bob: yesterday, in new york, may day rather in new york, there were tens of thousands of people marching. >> greg: no there wasn't. >> bob: there were. >> greg: i didn't see them. >> bob: maybe several thousand. [ laughter ] >> bob: therey no violence at all and they did. they marched. i would have marched if i had a chance to do it. >> greg: you don't march. >> bob: no, i don't. because my feet hurt. >> greg: exactly. >> dana: do you segway? >> bob: i do segway?
2:33 pm
>> dana: segway with a machine. >> kimberly: you should get one of those. >> bob: i tried that and they said i couldn't register the thing because you can't drive on the sidewalk or something. >> kimberly: you can give me a ride home. >> bob: break the law for that i saw a cop on scooter today it was a perfect size scooter for me. he was my size. fairly substantial. and perfect. down in hell's kitchen. i have got to get one. >> greg: great for this segment. one thing i want to point up eric or kimberly physically fight over answering this. in a climate where the police department has to be concerned with terror in major cities, isn't this just pureselfness on the part of loser hots take away precious resources? isn't that the point? >> kimberly: me, me, me, me. yeah i really get instruments freighted by that because there are crimes that are happening. crimes of violence, domestic violence, other crimes should be investigated, instead, they are baby-sitting a bunch of spoiled brats that would raise their hand in five seconds to give up their american birth right and it
2:34 pm
frustrates me. they should be charged when 911 calls can't go answered because of this nonsense. >> eric: that sound bite the bush was originally was a strong middle class. karl marx and his communist manifesto, bob, turned into a bad thing. bush swas swayze. proletariat. if they knew twhearp talking about they wouldn't be yelling that number two, that guy spraying the cops, i hope he got his butt kicked in that foam finger shoved right up his you know what, also. he deserved a tough booking. >> bob: you should borrow my communist manifesto and read it better because you you are not right. >> dana: karl marx boss. >> greg: one last question to you, dana. why does the media romance violence? why is is is it so interesting to them. >> dana: not a lot to write about if there is a protest and no violence. you were an i had tore. here is my story. everything went perfectly
2:35 pm
peacefully today then you would say you are not going to get your finger. >> bob: where is your foam finger? >> greg: we got to go. coming up, oscar winning actress reese witherspoon first tv interview being arrested with her husband after a night of drinking and driving. what does reese have to say for herself? we report, she imbibs. new car!
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♪ ♪ >> dana: so a 15-year-old in america can't buy beer or cigarettes. can't take aspirin without parental permission and can't eat peanut within 100 yards of their school. now a judge says they should be allowed to walk into a drugstore and pick
2:40 pm
up the morning after pill without prescription or parent's consent lowered the age limit from 17 years of age to 15 plan b on tuesday. and the administration, kimberly, is going to appeal this, not on the merits. think are silent on the merits of the issue. they are concerned about the judge overreaching. is that a clever way of having to deal with this issue? >> kimberly: that is a tried and true practice when you don't like what a judge -- well, you are overreaching when you do. this the judge is saying, no, no, no, no. you are in fact by imposing this 17-year-old ban. want able to go and get it at whatever age, regardless. there is a little bit of push back here. it's to expected in a situation like this. >> dana: i will read to you a quote from seville richards a quote in the paper that bothered me planned parenthood. age barriers to emergency contraception are not supported by science and they should be eliminated. what bothered me about that
2:41 pm
is even if it is supported by science, what about common sense and decency? why couldn't we just use our brains and say this is not a good idea? >> greg: i don't know what i don't understand it's called plan b. what's plan a? >> kimberly: to not do it. abstinence. >> greg: plan a would be don't have sex. plan b is be in a committed relationship and use protection. plan y would be casual sex with protection. so this should be plan d or plamplet e. >> dana: taking. >> greg: 15-year-old powerful drug and i need to use "today" get decongestant. >> kimberly: you can't get sudafed. >> bob: if a girl is 13 or 14 or 15 if she is asking for the morning after pill it's more than likely she is sexually active. doctor ought to be seeing her in any event. at a minimum the pharmacist. putting it out in front
2:42 pm
seems to me to be a reach. >> kimberly: contraception essentially. >> greg: what you are saying too is if a 15-year-old is sexually active there could be a crime being committed. >> bob: good point. >> greg: relative that is abusing her this thing is almost a boone for your creepy uncle because she is not going to go finger him she is going to go get the pill. >> eric: aside from the issues 15-year-old getting pill for abortion increasing promise pros miss promiscuity. i did that so i don't need to go to the doctor. this may be covering up rapes that girls are embarrassed to talk about and they want to get rid of instead of finding the rapist. >> dana: interesting way of trying to tell people that risks are consequence and responsibility-free. that is not -- that's not how any of us should live our lives regardless.
2:43 pm
so, what do you think will happen, kimberly? i think the department of justice will probably prevail in getting this stayed so that it will be halted for now. where do you think it ends up. >> kimberly: i think it ends up where they are going to make this available to everybody. i think ultimately that's what's going to happen. it's just a matter of time before that becomes reality. i am very concerned about young women and about their health concerns and perhaps they are not getting the right advice and they can use this as a substitute for education exams. use it as a form of birth control really. >> bob: this is a good point about the potential incest here. in that case do you really want -- generally abortions are for the case of rape, incest day deign also the life of the mother. >> bob: the three big things that people worry about. and it seems to me if you have got an abused girl at 14 or 15 it's likely it is a relative. and that is another reason why you ought to have both the law and medical profession. >> kimberly: they can give you this in the hospital
2:44 pm
when something like this happens and you go in and you are the victim of a rape, they do a rape kit, they collect evidence and then they give you properly under a health administrator a pill like this. >> greg: the only out side to this it will put people like gosnell out of business. >> dana: might have update for that jury has the case. >> kimberly: deliberations resume tomorrow. >> dana: when we come back, reese witherspoon makes appearance shocked her fans. her explanation and apology next on the five. ♪ give me a bouquet ♪ a dog with flies ♪ i pulled up the alley ♪ i could see my baby tonight. ♪ so rock me momma ♪ like a wagon wheel ♪ rock me momma ♪ any way you feel ♪
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>> bob: it will never happen again, those words from reese wither soon dui arrest a couple weeks ago. >> one of those nights, you know, we went out to dinner in atlanta. and we had one too many glasses of wine. we thought we were fine to drive and we absolutely
2:49 pm
were not. and it's just completely unacceptable and we are so sorry. and embarrassed. we made a mistake. it's something that will never happen again. >> bob: booked for disorderly conduct april 19th and her husband was charged with driving while intoxicated after being pulled over in atlanta. the other thing she said to the police. disorderly. she jumped out of the car and said "do you know ohio am in" cops said no. and i'm pregnant. she wasn't. people get on tv and say oh, i'm so sorry it will never happen again. i'm not sure i buy that. careful bob where you are going because you say that. >> bob: say what? >> greg: it will never happen again. >> bob: she is a discredit. >> greg: you are a celebrity. >> kimberly: she has been pregnant three times. her husband first husband brian and second husband.
2:50 pm
>> greg: can i point out something that happened after this report. dana, you didn't like sleep for three nights because you thought you were consumed by the idea you this you were going to be america's sweetheart. reese witherspoon was over -- you were going to be america's sweetheart. >> dana: had a vigil all night. >> greg: you will never be that since you killed that family in '94. >> dana: got my mugshot. note to everybody. >> bob: what are you guys talking about. >> kimberly: she could be america's sweetheart. i find to be a different kind of sweetheart. >> eric: dana points out looking down was a good idea in the mugshot. remember when john edwards had his hair fixed before the mug so the. >> dana: tom delay's mugshot. >> eric: i made a mistake that's refreshing. instead of like a politician. >> eric: reese witherspoon back to blonde.
2:51 pm
>> greg: i disagree. >> bob: was she a blonde? you were a blonde waste once. >> eric: of all the people who shouldn't be saying that anything. >> bob: wait a second, i saw your baseball pictures. >> kimberly: guys, we're having a serious conversation here. >> dana: are we still on the air? >> bob: first of all my block. >> greg: here is a compliment to kimberly and dana. reese width are spoon plays characters that you are in real life. played a lawyer and politics. she would play the press secretary or the d.a. you people are the real i just figured it out. '. >> bob: wasn't too smart. busted. one more thing is up. >> kimberly: thank you. [ male announcer ] rita's suitcase got lost a few months back.
2:52 pm
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>> judge mathis: historic day in new york city. workers raised a 22 ton spire for the world trade center. it makes the building 1776 tall a symbolic reference to the founding of this nation in 1776. it was a beautiful sight to see today. >> breaking news. the massachusetts medical examiner is releasing the tamerlan tsarnaev body to an undisclosed person. that is happening tonight. boston terror news yesterday must be making president obama's head explode. after the bomb is off. they couldn't wait to mirandas johar. the new pershes are foreigners
2:57 pm
here on student visas and proving that everying that the president said we don't have a radical muslim problem to smithereens. it is time to get back to calling it what it is, a war on terror. joking that you are a strapping young muslim funny joke, your timing couldn't be worse. >> that's what happens if you wrote that. >> and that is a funeral today for a country music legend george jones. randy travis sang "amazing grace", do we have that >> a lot of good memories of george for sure. when i heard him do the song, it literally gave me chills. ♪ ♪ "amazing grace".
2:58 pm
♪ how weet the sound. >> so you can find out more on line. there are so many great songs that george jones did over the years. >> he wrote. >> it was two hour and 40 minute service. >> he wrote a song that my trade mark. if drinking don't kill me, your memory will. >> okay. and i am trying to figure out. >> it is not. >> never mind. warren buffet. hey buddy out there about to have your gestapo's meeting of berkshire. she started his first twitter account . his first tweet was warren is in the house. warren, reluctantly, he doesn't have a computer in his office and still makes billions of dollars. what you are worth is not money but how the people who love you, >> and you can say
2:59 pm
that after you are a billionaire. >> who is up now? >> who do you think? >> got to read my horoscope today. >> was it -- panties? >> this is someone. >> can't say taout loud. >> someone on the work front causing you grief. if so it may be uation of your own making. try not to be confrontation. cooperation is the key to success unless the co-workers name who is dana who is a mean jerk. >> you think that the producer wrote it for you and hoping that you would find it in the paper. >> no, he can't write. >> you hear the people laughing hysterically. >> no. >> on this show, remember you are not supposed to say it. keep it in your private place here.
3:00 pm
>> and what can we tell you. >> that's it for us on the five. see you tomorrow. special report is next. >> bret: the administration's report on benghazi comes days after a new hearog capt apt hill. this is "special report." ♪ i am bret baier. fox news has brought you the special report what happened in the benghazi attack last fall. some people in washington may be listen trying to do something about it. james robson has the story. >> fox news learned that the inspector general's office is investigating for more than a month whether the account

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